TargetMax is a turnkey trial and sampling solution designed to hyper-target individual consumers at home, and track them through to Point of Sale for full measurement including conversion and ROI.

The objective is simple: significantly drive trial, improve scalability, and increase ROI. We do all of these things for our TargetMax clients, and they’re seeing their trial numbers improve over 300%.


We use Twenty-Ten’s patented targeting technology to identify and reach target consumers with pinpoint precision. Instead of targeting based on demos or hitting entire geographical areas with samples, we identify and reach the individual consumers statistically validated to be most likely to try your product and convert.

We manage the entire process from targeting and creative, printing and assembly, to at-home delivery through to measurement at point of sale for a complete turnkey trial generation solution.

  • Completely scalable, with access to over 95% of adult consumers in the US
  • Targeting accuracy hard validated prior to campaign launch, using Twenty-Ten’s proprietary double-verify system
  • Measurement at POS in partnership with Nielsen Catalina


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Establish Target Profile

Hyper-targeted List Generation & Validation

Print & Distribute Campaigns


Multi-Media Support


Establish Target Profile

Whether you already know what your prime prospect consumer looks like, or have a new product and want to push awareness and growth, the objective is simple: significantly drive trial, maintain scalability, and increase ROI.

We can target individual consumers who best fit any behavioral and attitudinal persona.

All profiles are custom for the initiative, and we build them concurrently with the campaign creative to maximize response. Target profile examples from some of our Fortune 500 CPG client programs include:

  • Current heavy spenders in the category with high propensity to try a new product

  • Current competitive users with high likelihood to try the product


Hyper-targeted List Generation & Validation

Using Twenty-Ten’s patented targeting technology and access to over 95% of the US adult population, we identify the individual consumers that best fit your custom target profile and are most likely to respond.

The output is a custom file of the individual consumers best for your campaign and their postal addresses, ready for sample delivery.

Twenty-Ten Double-Verify: We use Twenty-Ten’s proprietary double-verify system to validate targeting accuracy prior to sample drop. This means you know who you’re sending your samples to and what to expect prior to sample drop.


Print & Distribute Campaigns

Working with our full-service creative, print, and distribution partner, we first develop creative with custom messaging aligned with your target segment, designed to resonate and inspire action. If you have a coupon we can include it, or if you have a creative piece already designed we can skip forward to printing it.

From there, we print, assemble, and deliver all samples to USPS distribution centers, where each sample is delivered to each target consumer at-home.

The best part? Because we manage all aspects of the campaign it’s less hands-on for you, and we optimize targeting and cost efficiencies throughout the entire process.



This is a highly targeted campaign designed to drive trial and conversion – not just coupon redemption. And it needs to be measured that way.

Since we identify and target consumers at the individual level, we can follow them all the way to point of sale to measure true trial and conversion at store level.

In partnership with Nielsen Catalina, we match target consumers to Nielsen’s single source platform with access to Frequent Shopper Data from over 70 Million households. Instead of waiting for coupon redemption, our clients have access to a custom report post-campaign showing true sales lift in target households – allowing us to deliver measurable improvements in ROAS, trial, and conversion.


Multi-Media Support

Want to maximize response? Using our multi-media sampling system, you can hit target consumers during the campaign period multiple times across multiple platforms, making sure your message resonates and your sample is remembered next time they’re making a purchase.

How? Since we target consumers at the individual level, we can match each consumer across online display, Facebook, and mobile platforms so that you can share your product message online to support the delivery of your sample at home.
Examples of multi-media support to maximize trial:

  • Send an online display or Facebook ad prior to the at-home sample drop, letting the target consumers know your exciting sample is on its way. Hit consumers with another message post sample drop, reminding them of the experience and to use the attached coupon for their next purchase.

  • Post sample drop, send target consumers who received the sample a mobile ad with a downloadable coupon, for use at their next purchase.


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